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Elvilda Scarbrough
Daughter of Kelly S. Hart and Sarah Haley!
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NameLifespanWhere Born
Elvilda Scarbrough
Mother:    Sarah Haley
Father:      Kelly S. Hart
1885 / ????
Roane County, WV
Additional Notes
Elvilda Scarbrough
Elvilda Scarbrough married: James Scarbrough on ?
United States Census, 1910 Glade, Webster, West Virginia
Household                  Gender    Age
James Scarbrough            Male     28y     Elvilda spouse
Elvilda (Hart) Scarbrough   Female   25y     Kelley S Hart Daughter
Devoraus Scarbrough         Male      8y     Elvilda  Child
Erney C Scarbrough          Male      6y     "             "
Bulea Scarbrough            Female    3y     "             "
Alven R Scarbrough          Male      2y     "             "
Jonie A Scarbrough          Male       y 0m
Kelley S Hart               Male      66y     Widowed

Given Name:   Elvilda
Surname:         Hart
Sex:                Female
Death:            ?


NameBirth / DiedTown or CityCountyState
?West Virginia

Saframe A. Hart
Elvilda Hart

Researcher:  Nellie Bell

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