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James Hart   
But now there is a mystery to be solved for the many Hart researchers who are descendants of the JAMES HART SR., 1730 / 1810. Who were his ancestors?

Spouse's Name: Morgan Elizabeth (Born ABT. ????)
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NameLifespanWhere Born
James Hart

Mother:    Unknown
Father:     Unknown
1730 / 1810

Ashe Co. N.C.

Additional Notes:
James Hart Sr. was born circa 1730 and died 1810 Ashe County North Carolina. He fought in the Revolutionary War, under Captain John Cox Company from Montgomery County Virginia. He was listed on his Muster Roll in 1781. James Hart Sr. was first found on tax list in 1774 in the household of George Edward Sizemore, Surry County, North Carolina. In 1800-1820 Ashe County, North Carolina censuses, he has four members in his household.
James Hart
James Hart married Morgan Elizabeth

Given Name:   James
Surname:         Hart
Sex:                Male
Death:             1810


NameBirth / DiedTown or CityCountyState
ANNA ELIZABETH HART 1750 / 1820 LOGAN County Virginia
JAMES HART JR abt. 1765 / 1824 Ashe County North Carolina
James Hart
James Hart

James Hart was listed in Cherokee by Blood as a half blood and Catherine Sizemore as the daughter of Ned Sizemore, a full blood Cherokee.
James Hart Sr. fought in the Revolutionary War, along side his brother Peter Hart from Montgomery County, Virginia. They were listed on his Muster Roll in 1781.


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