A short lifespan amoung the three sisters indicate health problems that were prevalent in the early years of the Hart family.

Burial: Hart farm,
Camden On Gauley,
Webster County
West Virginia
In a conversation with my mother and two aunts, they dropped a big surprise that there had been even more siblings in their family, three sisters. This had never, ever been mentioned by any of the older siblings before. All siblings were born at home.

(1) Strossie Hart November 1900 / 1907 Camden On Gauley, Webster County, West Virginia. Unfortunately stricken with the dreaded disease tuberculosis, she died at the young age of 7.

(2) Myrtle Hart Born: May 1904/ Infant mortality, Camden On Gauley, Webster County, West Virginia.

(3) Orphia Hart Born: 1914 lived just 12 days , Camden On Gauley, Webster County, West Virginia. She died of the flu, she lived just 12 days.

In the early 1900's most births were at home-and the births and deaths of babies who were stillborn or died shortly after birth were often not recorded.

My grandmother Lucinda Lucky died 2 years before I was born, and I would love to have known her. She must have been a tremendously strong woman!

Three Sisters Mother, Lucinda Flanagan Lucky (Hart) married Samuel Laszlo Hart

Three Sisters GrantMother, Sarah Haley (Hart) married Kelly Hart

Three Sisters Great, GrantMother Mary Plumley (Hart) married Stephen Hart

Tracing Our Appalachian Hart Roots