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Charlottie Hart

Charlottie Sept. 1913, Camden On Gauley, Webster County, West Virginia

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Name Lifespan Where Born
Charlottie Hart
Mother:    Lucinda Lucky
Father:      Samuel L Hart
September 07,1913 / -- -- ----
Camden On Gauley
Additional Notes
Charlottie Hart

Son,               N/A

N/A Grand Children
N/A great-grandchildren
Date: April 04, 2008 2:22 PM
Charlottie Hart Great Niece of Nancy Hart of Roane County
In the early 1940's the Richwood paper mill moved from Richwood West Virginia to Plymouth, Washington County, North Carolina 27962, several of the mill workers migrated with the mill and lived in a small village named little Richwood Village which is still there today. Charlottie left Richwood with a man name Payne he was a pulp mill superintendent with a wife and many children.... Charlottie was about 27 and pregnant, she didn't say anything when she left Richwood. Charlottie went to NC with Charlie or Charles Payne and his daughter follow them and shot Charlottie dead........ That how the story or legend went..... We believe it at first but right now we don't think she died that day. She would be about 95 and her son or daughter would be about 67. We don't want to raise expectations too high but does anyone know what happened to Charlottie and her child. She was born Sep 1913, Camden On Gauley, Webster County West Virginia and there are 3 spelling of her first name Charlotte (spell like the city of NC.) and Charlottie the way we spell it and last but not least Charlott. I think the name of the paper mill in NC. is Weyerhaeuser Pulp and Paper Mill.
Grace Hart

Apr 13, 2008 6:11 PM
Is there a link between Charles Payne Born: 1880 Married Anna Marie Queen 1905 or Charles Payne Born: 1865 Died: 1975 Age 110 Married Anna Eliza Anderson 1910, they spent several years living at Richwood and in and around Nicholas County WV.
Bert Hill

Remark Nellie Bell:
At the time of writing this remark, we found "no credible evidence" of any connection between these to men and Charlottie Hart. Now, it is time to get something from you! Does anyone know any thing about Charlottie Hart and the Payne connection please let us know......

Date: April 21, 2008 7:20 AM
I came across this info. while researching my West Virginia roots. I hope this info is helpful for your research. This might be the missing piece to Charlotte Hart puzzle.

Charlottie Hart

Birth Date: 7 Sep 1913
Death Date: 27 Sep 1997
Social Security Number: 241-40-5589
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: North Carolina

Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 27801
Localities: Dortches, Edgecombe, North Carolina
Rocky Mount, Edgecombe, North Carolina
Rocky Mt, Edgecombe, North Carolina
Death Benefit Localities
Zip Code: 27801
Localities: Dortches, Edgecombe, North Carolina
Rocky Mount, Edgecombe, North Carolina
Rocky Mt, Edgecombe, North Carolina

Rocky Mount, North Carolina
The city is about 45 minutes away from Raleigh, North Carolina, which has a population of over 300,000 and is the capital of North Carolina.

This is Charlotte Hart mother ( Lucinda Flagana Lucky ) she married Samuel Laszlo Hart, the nephew of Nancy Hart of Roane County.
Lucinda Lucky
9/14/1883 - 04/17/1943
Lucinda Lucky
Charlotte certainly could look like her mother Lucinda. Thanks for sharing this photo Jeanne Tyo and Velda Cool.
Remark Nellie Bell:
I didn’t think too hard about Charlotte Hart, NC., as a match for Charlotte Hart, WV.. But the information leads me to believe that the Charlotte, NC., is the same as the Charlotte of Roane Co, West Virginia.
I am not 100 percent sure about this, but it worth exploring, so we need to do some more research so we can confirm this information.

Charley Payne & that isn't correct

Date: Nov 11, 2008 8:04 PM
Saw where you were asking for information on our Aunt Charlotte Hart. Here is what mom told me. When they closed the Paper Mill in Richwood, WV, Charley Painter transferred to Plymouth, N. C. he was a boss for the paper plant there. We noticed you had his name down as Charley Payne & that isn't correct. Mom knew him well. Charlotte was with Painter when he went to Plymouth they wanted Mom to go. Charlotte was a few months pregnant when she left with Charley Painter… Mom said it was late in the fall because her & Charlotte walked up South Fork, because Charlotte was crazy about wild grapes they were ripe, they usually get ripe in October. Charley & Charlotte left the next morning that was the last time mom saw Charlotte. There was a man & his wife that mom knew that moved to Plymouth with the mill, they came back to Richwood, about a year later, mom ask about Charlotte, he said he knew Charley Painter well & knew Charlotte he said he had seen Charley several times but Charlotte was not with him. Judge Stricklers mother in Richwood, lived next door to mom upon main street, she said she knew exactly what happen to Charlotte, that Charley' s wife & two daughters both older than Charlotte went to Plymouth & was hiding in the house when Charlotte & Charley came home. They were hiding behind the bedroom door curtain & that one of the daughters shot Charlotte & some of Charley's wife family told Mrs. Stickler… Mrs. Strickler is death now. The story went that they buried Charlotte's body or got rid of the body they didn't say how. Don't know what happen to Charley Painter… Is there anyway you can find Paper Mill employees records? He was salary, check the web sight & see what year the mill left so you would know what year Charlotte & Charley Painter left Richwood. Hope this is some help.
Keep in touch.
Your cousin Doug…

Thanks for the name correction and The Richwood Paper mill shut down in 1942 during the summer of 1937 the Kiekhaefer Container Company, was building a Pulp Mill in Plymouth North Carolina.
Richwooders pulp mill workers was transferred to Plymouth, North Carolina. It was owned by John W. Kieckhefer which was merged into Weyerhauser in 1957. In March of 2007 Weyerhauser sold its paper interests to Domtar Paper Company LLC. The paper mill is now a Domtar paper mill while the onsite sawmill is still owned by Weyerhauser. I would think Charley Painter and Charlotte left Richwood between 1937 and 1942.
We think she might have lived through the shooting and went to Rocky Mount, which is about, 75 miles West of Plymouth. Rocky Mount was the closest city, to Plymouth that she could go to, by train. If the Painter girls were trying to kill her, she wouldn’t tell any one in Richwood that she went to Rocky Mount. Because the Painter family was in Richwood and she would be afraid that the Painter family would find out where she actually live at. There was a Charlottie Hart in Rocky Mount,
Birth Date: 7 Sep 1913
Death Date: 27 Set 1997
Social Security Number: 241-40-5589
Rocky Mount NC.
I’m trying to find more information about Charlottie Hart in Rocky Mount, she only been dead for 11 years, someone in Rocky Mount, NC. knows her. I was in the Plymouth area this September but didn‘t find out much, I’m trying to find out if this Charlotte is our aunt. If there isn't a body then I think that she might have lived through the shooting and we got a cousin we don‘t know about and so far haven’t found any employees records on Charley Painter.
Thanks cousin Doug

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