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Velmar Born 7 October 1920, Camden On Gauley, Webster County, West Virginia

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Name Lifespan Where Born
Mother:    Lucinda Lucky
Father:      Samuel L Hart
October 07, 1920 / April 17, 1978
Camden On Gauley W. Va.
Additional Notes
She married William Edward TYO October 9,1936 in Camden On Gauley,Webster County.,WV. and they had four children and one stillborn infant.

Update: July 2018
Joy Ann        Living  
Frances        Living         
William Edward Eddie Tyo Jr          Deceased   
Iris           Living                   
Velmar Died: 17 April 1978 Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia

Velmar husband William Tyo departed this life June 28 1988, at age 74 at Charleston,Kanawha County, West Virginia

William Tyo was born on January 26 1914, at Braxton County, West Virginia to George Washinton Tyo and Lula Ann Tyo (born Dean).

George was born on December 20 1886, in Birch District, Braxton Co., West Virginia Died April 18 1945 in Richwood Nicholas County West Virginia

Lula was born on December 24 1896, in Lower Dist, Braxton, West Virginia. Died April 1950 in Richwood West Virginia

William had 2 siblings: "Evelyn Louise Tyo Sandel" and "Paul Tyo".

Velmar Tyo
She was the Great Niece of Nancy Hart of Roane County, WV

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